šŸ‘‹ Hi! I’m Diana

Iā€™m a UX/UI designer that combines a meticulous approach, loves to solve problems and have a strong business view.

I spend my days designing at IBM- Telecom with Salesforce and, in my spare time, I love learning to code HTML5, CSS3 & JS. Coding for me is a way to get closer to a better design solution.

Living in Argentina with a Marketing background, I find inspiration in the vast community of designers all over the world and try to stay in touch with some of them every day. I love attending to meet-ups and blogging about my new discoveries.

When I’m not designing for IBM I’m teaching with my own brand in the social media: User Guardian.

About User Guardian

User Guardian is my way to introduce into people’s life the core of the UX Design but in Spanish. If you wish to receive a Weekly Newsletter in Spanish, please leave you email and name here.