Imposter Syndrome

In communities, you can find lots of people who are or were struggling with the same things as you. As I recently joined one, I discovered the value of them. Imposter syndrome is one of the most famous topics among creatives, and we debated it last month. Listen to the podcast here.

Design Life is a Podcast that you can find here. They have more than 100 episodes talking about different experiences in the life of these two designers. But the most precious thing about this is their interaction with their listeners. Recently they opened the community for all so that they could be closer to us, listeners. This was such a great idea, and I’m enjoying the community since day one!

I’ve met many people, among them, Al, a guy who is a UX designer too, but who helped me with so many resources.

The imposter syndrome was one of the biggest topics in our community, and we had an extensive conversation with Al about this podcast.

The list not to suffer imposter syndrome anymore:

  1. Find the focus when you feel like an imposter.
  2. Describe how would you like to feel…
  3. …And why

My list

To be honest I feel like an imposter when I’m communicating with my peers.

I don’t have friends who are designers like me. And when I was talking with the UX designers at work, I didn’t feel the connection, and they weren’t mentors to me. So as I struggled with finding a mentor, I used to have the feeling that I wasn’t going to click when I met someone new.

That’s why I consider joining this community. The Design Life community is helping me with a lot! And I can say I’m comfortable discussing with them about design.

The way I would love to feel is to be confident, to explain, to be perceived as intelligent.

Confidence is very essential to me because I would like them to see me interested in design (e.g. in a job interview), I would like to express my concern in the topic since I really care for UX design, and I love talking and showing interest in the things that I treasure most.

So, all in all, I sense I have a new perspective towards the previous topic. I understand what makes me feel this way and I know I’m tackling it!

I still feel a little of the syndrome, but I know is normal and I will gain the confidence I need to begin 2018. You’ll hear more about my “goals for 2018” blog post!

If you are feeling like an Imposter, I recommend listening to the podcasts and do this exercises. Additionally, try being part of an awesome community as Design Life is!

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