I was requested inside the company I work for to help create awareness about motivation and how to solve our day to day work problems, but with a twist

The client:

Well, in this case, we all got together to challenge our own management team. So in short, our client was gA (the company I used to work for)

The challenges:

  • Create a name and a logo for the web-app.
  • Manage ourselves.
  • Take into account the difficulties that we had in our day to day job and solve them with the gamification strategies.

My role

I was very happy to be the design leader in the Art and Design Team! This was an opportunity to show my learnings in organizing and delegate when necessary.

What was the project about?

According to international data linked here, we can mention the main causes of demotivation in the workplace:

1. Not recognizing the successes
2. Not giving clear directives
3. Monotonous work
4. Team mood
5. Lack of communication between teams

After thinking a lot, we came up with a solution: Gamification.

But what is gamification? It is the use of techniques, elements, and dynamics of games in non-recreational activities of the daily life.

We think of an application that allows the leader or manager to analyze concrete and measurable objectives, recognize the successes of the employees and improve the dynamics of the teams.

What was needed?

When I enter the team, I was very shocked that there was still nothing organized yet and they were just talking about how the screens would be. So I did a long exercise in design thinking.

Thinking about design


I advised the team to think freely and not to be scared of being judged because this activity was going to make the project into something consistent with all their thoughts put in one web app altogether.

Logo ideation

We also did a brainstorming as to what the logo should be.


Final Logo Design


Wireframes and Lo-fi design

Wireframing was mostly about establishing visual hierarchy and getting ahead on how was going to be (visually) the web app.

You can find the Lo-fi design in Figma here (version 1)

We are currently working on a second version in Figma here


Because I started growing in my professional career, there were projects that were valuable to me even though I could not finish them. I had to leave this project behind not because it was not interesting but because I stopped working for the company. In fact, I really loved this project in particular because it made me look a little bit deeper on what design is.

I had no one else but my team to create definitions of what the user and the developer would need. I also had the opportunity to run some design thinking sessions, which I loved conducting. I became aware of how important is to organize a project. And what enjoyed most, was having to explain what my job was to developers who were not aware of this type of solutions.

Having to present a project to the big bosses was very challenging. The fact that we got them to support this exciting solution to motivate workers was the greatest accomplishment!